PetLabs360, a private company formed in July of 2002, located in Oceanside, N.Y., develops and markets nutraceuticals specifically targeted at promoting a healthy lifestyle in today’s companion animals. The North American Veterinary Nutraceutical Council, Inc., (NAVNC) defines a true veterinary nutraceutical as ‘a substance, which is produced in a purified or extracted form and administered orally to patients to provide agents required for normal body structure and function and administered with the intent of improving the health and well being of animals.’ All PetLabs360 products meet or exceed the standards set by NAVNC as well as other newly formed regulatory councils.

Our mission at PetLabs360 is to offer the most effective, highest quality health and nutritional supplements for pets. That is why all of our supplements are made with 100% human grade ingredients of the highest quality! PetLabs360 products are exclusively sold by licensed veterinarians.