Eco-Friendly Pet Products

There are about several dogs and cats in households around the world. That’s a substantial number of family pets and it proves that we are a country of pet lovers. We’re also increasingly more conscious of social responsibilities including buying goods and products that are ethical and eco-friendly. With our passion for pets and our appreciation of the ecological impact mankind’s footprint has on the planet, it is little wonder that ethical pet products are in such high demand.

The way to be an ethical pet owner

Being a pet owner you obviously choose to maintain the best of health for your cat or dog. In the same way that people benefit from natural materials and ingredients, so do animals. When buying pet supplies, products and gifts, think about what they’re made from, how they’ve been manufactured and the impact that has on the world. You’ll be doing your pet and the environment a huge favour. Large Wheat Straw Biodegradable Food Bowl

Consider these factors to ascertain whether your pet products are ‘green’:

What materials have been used?

The manufacturing method for any product has an environmental cost but that can be minimised by choosing goods manufactured using sustainable materials. Natural materials do not use up the earth’s assets so rapidly and a great example of this is cat litter. It is possible to buy litter produced from corn, pine, cedar and wheat. These materials can be easily composted resulting in a reduced amount of waste going to landfill or incinerators. Dog Waste Bags Eco Friendly Biodegradable

Also give consideration to buying organic dog collars and leashes produced from natural resources. Hemp is an ideal material because it’s tough but soft so it doesn’t chafe your skin. And for dogs with sensitive skin, hemp is excellent because it’s hypoallergenic.

Shop for pet toys that are safe

Dogs and cats like to play with toys however they can easily quickly destroy them with their over-exuberance. Many toys contain chemical elements within the material which is bad for the environment and detrimental to your pet. Buy toys that are produced using natural materials – they’re eco-friendly but also should your pet bite a bit off and consume it, it won’t cause any problems.

It is possible to buy dog and cat play toys created from Loofah, a rapid-growing renewable resource comparable to cucumber and pumpkin, the toys are great for chewing and can also help with keeping your pet’s teeth clean. Cats and dogs love the smell and texture as well.

Buy natural pet food and treats

As humans, we’re becoming more attentive to just what we are putting into our bodies and so we steer clear of foods grown with pesticides or created using synthetic colors, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. You might want to do the same for your pets by purchasing natural and organic pet food made using free-range meat and poultry and includes whole grains and wheat. What’s more, with natural pet food, meat by-products such as fats are removed.

When it comes to indulging your pet, let them have organic treats which contain a good source of nutritional vitamins to maintain healthy bones and keep their coat lustrous.

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