Shopping For Dog Toys

Pets are just like kids, they need to be occupied or they get bored. Both like toys. So if you want to keep your dog from being destructive out of boredom, buy it something to play with. Dog-toys are a great way to keep your dog busy while you are away.

There are a wide variety of dog-toys on the market. They come all shapes, sizes and materials. Your dog may enjoy playing with several different types of toys.

Much like children, dogs play as much as they can. It’s their greatest joy when you take time out to spend time with them. If you can not be with your pet as much as you would like, you should provide your pet with lots of toys.

What to Look for in Quality Dog Toys

  • Durable Materials – Look for strong rubber for chew toys, multi layered fabrics or felt wool for plush toys, and natural cotton for rope toys.
  • Quality Construction – Look for inversed stitching, Z stitching, strong joinery and no small pieces that could be easily broken off and ingested.
  • Non-toxic – Try to avoid BPAs, PVC, Phthalates and unsafe dyes – they can be just as harmful to our pets as they are to us.
  • Machine washable or easily hand washable.
  • Tested to meet safety standards.
  • Unique designs – Don’t forget to bring the fun to playtime!

 You can save quite a bit of money if you buy your dog-toys at wholesale prices. Buying dog toys in bulk will keep the price down and ensure you never run out.

Having large amounts of pet toys on hand will give you the opportunity to share them with your friends and relatives. You will never be without a gift to give.

Handy Dog Toy Tips

  • Always select toys that are the right fit for your dog’s age, breed and size.
  • Know your dog’s play habits. Do they love to pull out the stuffing? Do they favour rough and tumble tug of war games? Or do they enjoy more gentle play with squeaker toys? Supervise your dog with their toys and buy toys that suit their needs.
  • Children’s toys, and tennis balls are not designed for dogs – they often have harmful materials for pets.
  • To preserve your quality dog toys, rotate them weekly, having only a few out at the one time. This will keep your dog’s interest and also gives you a chance to repair, wash or discard any worn or broken toys.

Some pets enjoy destroying their toys as much as playing with them. If this describes your pet you may want to stock up on pet toys you always have some on hand. An active dog without a toy to keep it occupied may decide to chew your shoes or furniture to relieve its boredom.

If your pets are teething dog toys are especially important. The dog toys will give them something to bit and chew other than you and your possessions. There are many dog toys made especially for teething pets. They are made to be durable.

Try going online and seeing what wholesale dog toys are available. There are many to choose from at affordable prices.

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